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Click to read the Bog Oak magazine article written about us in December 2010.

Reproduced by kind permission of the Editor, Furniture and Cabinetmaking, Issue No.173

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Adamson and Low is a Cabinet Making business specialising in bespoke commissions.

Nicola Adamson and Hamish Low met in 1989 when they were both at Parnham House, Dorset.

Nicola was a student of the Parnham Trust, whilst Hamish was employed by John Makepeace in his workshop.

After successfully completing her two year course, Nicola established the current Cabinet Making business in the Weald of Kent and Hamish joined the business as a partner one year later.

Nicola and Hamish work as a close partnership with Nicola running the drawing office and Hamish making the pieces in the workshop.

For the last 25+ years Hamish has also been perfecting methods for drying sub fossilised Bog Oak. You can read more about this on the pages dedicated to this rare timber on this site.